söndag 17 augusti 2014



Yesterday started out really badly,but had an happy ending.
I woke up 2 hours late. I was going to a meetup that would start 1pm...I woke up 12:12...
So I ran to the bathroom to do my makeup and such and I was just so frustrated!
I came to the meetup almost 2 hours late (the ride took 40 MINUTES!)
But the 2 hours I was at the meetup was awesome! The weather was actually reallty good and we had the park for ourselves :3
We played some "Ninja" and "Samuraj" and I had a race with Filip with some really small bikes xD
After the meetup, I went to the festival with some of my friends. We walked around and bought some stuff.
I didn't really buy anything, a dougnut and corn, that was all I needed :3

It became kind of boring after a while so Filip and I sat in a tree while the others (Heerin and Jenn) were with Jesus and his grandmother...so yeah...
We sat in that tree for a loong time, it was really cozy up there ;w;

After about 1 hour and a half we decided to buy a baloon and have some fun 83
we bought a unicorn 8D
For 100kr D8 freaking expensive I tell you!
But we sat in a park and well...
Had some fun :3
I can't upload the video from my iPhone so I'll have to do it later :c

We watched the fireworks ( I think they're beautiful,yet terrible, it's animal abuse)
And at 11pm we split up to go home.
So I went to some other friends and hung out for another hour xD
I came home at 1:20am and I was exhausted, but I had such an amazing day \(//∇//)\

Thank you everyone <3

(These first 4 photos aren't taken by me, credit goes to the rightful owner)

lördag 2 augusti 2014

NärCon14 and Stockholm

I've been a dick
Why haven't I updated?
Because I slept and watched youtube!
I am so sorry ;-;
So I will just quickly go through 2 amazing things ( ̄▽ ̄)

So yeah.
5 days of happiness!
I barely slept, it was hot as f*ck and I wore black. Yayy~
No but really, I met so many awesome people and I even got to meet Simon & Martina from EYK!! TWICE!!
They were über nice, I really hope they can come back next year, they're so entertaining xD
The cosplays were amazing, I was so impressed! 
I saw Reika and Kaname too! I wasn't able to get their autograph tho...I overslept ;-;
I didn't buy as much food as I was supposed to do...the food was kind of disappointing...
But I did buy some stuffs!

It wasn't as good as last year though,but there were over 7000 people this year!!
Yeah, I definitely enjoyed those days :3

And last week I visited Stockholm with waifu!
We just went up there to have a good time, do some shopping and finishing off with wagamama.
Well I wasn't expecting it to be like über hot (´Д` )
I wore jeans for God's sake!
I didn't expect that we were going to get interviewed by a newspaper either :3
I will link it when it's released :3
Before we ate at wagamama we went for a walk...a long walk...
We walked around for 1-1,5 hours, as if we haven't walked enough that day xD
But yeah,we finished the day with some pork ramen and chicken (well, I did,not waifu) and then we walked around (again) since the bus wouldn't arrive for another 3 hours >.>
We were home around 1am...
Let's just say that I was pretty tired xD

So yeah,these are my interesting events ^^

I'll try to update soon, annyeong!

onsdag 23 juli 2014

Can you feel the peppen?

So,it's just a few hours untill I'll go to NärCon :D 
I've been waiting for this since February,and now it's finally time for another NärCon!
So yeah, as you may see,I have 2 freaking big suitcases and they are completely full! (I also have a backpack)
I just wonder how I'll get everything home on sunday o.o
I'm at Heerin's place right now,moved into her house untill NärCon :3
So now I'm gonna get dressed so we can first go to Mirum and buy some stuffs,and after that we'll pick up Jenn and then we're of to NärCon :3
The convention isn't opening untill tomorrow,but the sleeping halls are open for everyone who wants to come 1 day early c:
So I will have 5 days of pure peppen<3
I will try to blog during NärCon,if I get the chance that is,there are so many things I want to do xD
But yeah,gotta go now

tisdag 15 juli 2014

Work this out

TAnnyeonghaseyo and Good morning world!
So,it's 11am and I'm on my way to Söderköping to work~
I'll be working this weekend too,and after that I'll go to NärCon,kind of hard to work when you're at a convention~
So yeah,waking up 9am to work out before getting ready,not too bad,exept for the fact that I'm dead,I'm like a zombie .-.
But yeah,I'm not in the best mood right now,which means I bought a lot of unhealthy things...I feel like I should work out so...you know...well I don't want to gain weight when I'm a little depressed,because that would make me REALLY depressed.
But yeah,when I'm done working,I will go and buy some stuffs,go home and make some delicious fried rice :3
And well,to kill some time I'll just have to keep reading "Harry Potter and the goblet of fire".
I was going to read it yesterday...but I fell asleep ;_;
So yeah
Take care~

That reflection tho...

söndag 13 juli 2014

Pre-NärCon-meet-up in Linköping


Okay, so yesterday I went to Linköping with my waifu Heerin ^^
We were going to this meetup to meet other people who were going to NärCon, eat, play games and have a great time C:

We were about 10 minutes late (it's a new record, I'm usually 30-120 minutes late xD)
So well, we met people we knew and people we didn't knew, we ate stuffs and played "maffia" and "fotleken". ^^

I took a walk with Heerin and Louise, we showed Louise where "Terra" was and talked about NärCon and stuff like that :3

After that, I played fotleken for over an hour.
Now that's how you make friends! Seriously, it was crazy! I mean it, the positions we ended up in were so weird >.<
The last round was the worst, had to give up after like 45-60 minutes because no one fell xD
I would have lost long ago, but I used my hands so I could be as closed to the ground as possible, so I could reach my target's feet :3
The person who were targeting me were über tall, there were at least a 40cm difference between us, his legs were soo long and it wasn't easy for me >.<
I became a crab.
When it was 11pm, it was like 6 people left, so we decided to walk around for almost an hour, it was really cozy, we sat on a bench...that was freaking warm!
So yeah, we sat and talked untill Heerin and I had to go :C

But the evening was amazing! The people were so friendly and I made some new friends ^.^

I'm so excited for NärCon! It's only 11 days left (10 if you're coming 1 day before NärCon) 8D
Now I only have to pack...and see what I should wear o.o

But yeah, gotta go to bed now, I'm going  to work tomorrow~


fredag 4 juli 2014

uhm yeah

So...I suck
I mean it, why haven't I uploaded anything on this blog?! For god's sake, I don't have anything to do at home >.<
So, lots of stuffs have happened since I last posted anything here. Since writing about everything would be like writing a book, I'll just do a little recap of everything.

June 10th
This was the day that everyone in the 9th grade went to our graduation dinner that our teachers arranged. Everyone were servd by som students from the 8th grade and we were served delicious food (chicken 4 lyf) and dessert :3
Our teachers made a movie, a parody about...well..us students o.o
Our class took some photos as a last picture of us. Kinda sad, kind of funny too. I'll never meet these people again...feels kind of strange~

June 11th
We went to Smultronstället and bought ice Cream :3
I never want to eat chocolate again >.<
The ice cream was delicious but there was so much Ice cream, I thought I would throw up >.<
I also walked in the forest and I visited my grandmother ^.^

June 13th
So, June 13th, the day I graduated.
The weather was awful, it was raining and it was Cold and windy. I did not approve >.<
But I looked stunning 83 I sang for the school one last time, I got my grades and when Everything was over...I cried ;_;
Untill I saw my grades that is...
312,5 POINTS OUT OF 340!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might be a genius, who knows 83
I said goodbye to everyone, gave the teachers flowers and hugged my friends, since I might never see them again (sounds kind of depressing,right?)

June 14th
This was the day when Beyond Return had their first official gig! We played 4 songs at Vasaparken :3
It sounded okay, I mean we could have been better,but we were having problems with the guitar and well,it was our first gig,you can't expect us to be perfect,okay? xD
We will have our second gig during Augustifesten and hopefully we'll have more gigs after that,but only time will tell ^^

June 22th
I Went to Harry Potter the Exhibition with my friend Heerin ^^
I was wearing my Slytherin uniform and I had the dark mark on my arm <3
The exhibition was Amazing! The hat sorted me to Slytherin, I got to hold a Mandrake and throw a Quaffle and stuff like that :3
It was really interesting to hear how they came up with different ideas and how they made the dragon for example.
I did not approve the spider tho...
We took a photo that I bought when we were done and we look sooo awesome, I cannot even :3

July 1st
I got the letter that would tell me if I was accepted to my gymnasium or not.
I was accepted.
I will go to Nyströmska Skolan for 3 years, starting on August 18th
It's not like it was hard to get accepted, only 35 people applied for this school, 30 got accepted so~
Yeah, I'm happy, I just hope I made the right choice .-.

So yeah, it is now July 5th and nothing exciting is happening,
but soon
I will take as many photos as I can and I will blog every day ^.^
I won't get any sleep at all, just sayin :3
But I have to sleep now, I'll have to wake up 9am tomorrow .-.


fredag 6 juni 2014

Long time no see


So, I'm finally done with EVERYTHING in school! Everything, I mean it.
I'm done with everything from elementary school

So, a lot of things have happened.

I was in Stockholm during the weekend with my waifu Heerin and saw 4minute live
I was on a Random Meetup
I was running around in the forest for 3,5 hours
I've decided to do a lot of things this summer!

I got to Stockholm with Heerin at 11am on saturday (24th of May).
We stayed untill Monday evening :3
We went to lots of stores, I actually bought a cap and sunglasses, and I bought thights and a new lipstick :D
We also sat down by the shore and were talking about stuffs :3
We ate at wagamama, she had Chicken Ramen and I had Pork ramen.
Oh. My. God.
I have never tasted better ramen. NEVER! I thoguht I was going to cry, it was sooo good, SUGOOOII <3

We went to a park to wait for kpop people (the same day as the concert), but, only like 4 people came ._. (they were really nice tho) ^.^
4-minute was soooo good live! They were really cute and they were really finny xD
Gayoon said "Tjena" "Jättbra" and "Tack så mycket" and I just died <3
We were super close, like, just a few meters :D
I was sweating as hell tho ._.
Did not approve that

So during the last day we did everything again, walked around stockholm, shopped and stuff like that.
I ate at a resturant called "Shanghai" and they were sooooo nice and the food was delicious!
So yeah, we got home at 9pm and I was reaaaally tired ;_;

I also went to a random meetup in Norrköping
I met awesome people and we talked and played some games ^.^
We will hopefully have a peppenmeetup about a week before NärCon :3

Aaaaaand we also had orientation in school...I WALKED AROUND FOR 3,5 HOURS
We saw a deer and a weird bird 83

So yeah.
There's only 1 week left before I graduate
So this week will be pretty good
We'll have our dinner with the class and teachers, we'll go to "Smultronstället" and stuff like that.
We won't work, that's for sure xD
 I'll be so happy when I wont have to meet some people again :D
And it feels so good to be able to focus on things I find interesting!
I will have an epic summer, that's for sure!

But I gotta sleep now so, Annyeong!!